Our New Book: The MBA Application Roadmap

I am thrilled to announce the release of my book, The MBA Application Roadmap:  The Essential Guide to Getting into a Top Business School.  The title of the book sums it up.  It is intended to serve as your roadmap throughout the application process, and contains the information that we consider essential to success.  In creating the book, we were aware of the fact that MBA applicants have a lot on their plate.  Between juggling  a full time job, the GMAT, scores of essay questions and other application logistics, one hardly has time to read a 500 page book cover to cover.  Our book was designed as a lean, essential resource.  When read straight through at the beginning of the process, the book will provide a great overview.  However, the content is specifc enough about different phases that you can go back to a particular section when you are getting ready to write that leadership essay or prep your recommenders.  And…the book is light enough to take with you on a plane, and structured so that you can read through the whole book while on the plane.  There is no heavy excess – just the essentials.

There is fantastic content to help you navigate the essays, ideas for how to think about defining your brand and how to approach holes in your profile.  Overall, the book provides extremely practical guidance for many important aspects of the application process.  I believe it is a very enjoyable read as well!  Throughout the book, we also feature “tales from the road”, which are insights from individuals who have already gone through the application process.  They shared their uncensored insights with us, and we have shared them with you.

I wrote the book with Daniel J. Brookings.  Daniel and I met several years ago, and have collaborated on a number of MBA related efforts since that time.  In addition to graduating from Harvard Business School, Daniel is an accomplished writer, teacher and consultant.  He has worked with scores of MBA applicants, and helped them be successful in their applications to top schools.  Daniel has a real understanding of this process, and an incredibly effective way of sharing his insights.  I think you will really enjoy reading what he has to say.

The MBA Application Roadmap is a concise, yet essential guide to the MBA application process.  Broken down into 56 concise, easy to digest chapters, this guide will be your reference as you embark on the process, and for all points throughout.  The MBA Application Roadmap is now available at Amazon.com.


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