Part Time vs. Full Time Programs

Now is the time that many people are researching schools, and different types of MBA programs, in order to prepare for a new admissions season. Part time, full time, online and more…all of these options make this a complex decision. There really is no blanket rule of thumb. It’s a highly personal decision. To figure out what is right for you, you need to consider your finances, career goals, current schedule, what you want to gain from the MBA and more. recently interviewed Kristine Mackey, Associate Dean for Evening and Weekend programs at Chicago GSB to get advice for applicants considering this decision.

Some of the key issues to consider as you are making this decision:

– What does full time mean for me financially?
– Do I love my current job or am I ready to jump ship?
– Am I targeting an industry where I really need to take advantage of summer internship and recruiting?
– Do I want to take advantage of “program immersion”?
– Is diversity an important aspect of the MBA for you?

Check out the article for details, and schedule a consultation with one of our consultants if you want to discuss how this applies to your particular situation.

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