R2 Application Tips From Chicago Booth

Chicago Booth School of Business is now accepting applications for the January 6th Round 2 application deadline. With that in mind, we’d like to pass along Chicago Booth’s tips to make sure your application is as polished as possible.

Know thyself
Strong applications demonstrate self-awareness and a clear picture of your goals and reasons for pursuing the MBA. Remember, there is no one item or area in your application that can make or break you. It’s the complete picture of you that is important!

Answer the questions
Take the time to read each essay question closely. In order to clearly answer the questions that are posed, you must pay close attention to exactly what you’re being asked. Read associate dean Rose Martinelli’s blog titled “Don’t Forget to Read” for more tips on answering Chicago Booth essay questions.

Check with your recommenders
Confirm that they are aware of the deadline and procedures in submitting letters. Remember that Chicago Booth will accept Letters of Recommendation on your behalf up to one week after the Round Two deadline.

Spell check
Your computer’s spell check function won’t catch all spelling and/or grammar errors, so check your work manually to be sure your writing is the best it can be.

Have someone read your application
Is your application so familiar that you aren’t objective about improvements that can be made? You may even become blind to simple errors. Have someone read your application to make sure it all makes sense, is easy to read and that your messages are clear.

The optional essay
This can be a great opportunity to provide greater explanation of any anomalies in your Chicago Booth application, but it is not an opportunity to write another creative essay or expand on your work experience. Use this space only if you feel it’s necessary in providing greater clarity around some aspect of your application.

Know what’s next
A few days after the Round Two deadline of January 6th, all Chicago Booth applicants will receive an email from Admissions with a timeline for the application process. You’ll see information about your application status and the interview invitation process.

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