R2 Tips from Chicago Booth School of Business

The December Admissions Insider from Chicago Booth School of Business is chock full of advice for those who are gearing up to apply for the Round Two deadline on January 5, 2011. Here, we bring you an edited snapshot of these tips to help guarantee your application shines.

Answer the questions
You may be facing essay fatigue right about now, but don’t make the fatal mistake of assuming all schools’ essay questions are alike. In order to clearly answer the questions that are posed, you must pay close attention to exactly what you’re being asked.

Use the “blank pages” essay as an opportunity to express yourself
You may be thinking, “What is Booth looking for?” Admissions wants to see organized thoughts, strong communication skills, and the ability to convey ideas clearly. Is there anything missing that is relevant to your candidacy that you want the Admissions Committee to know about you?

Remember, this essay is not a measure of creativity or a test of your graphic design skills, but rather an opportunity to express yourself without guidance or restriction. There is no right or wrong way to answer this question!

Know thyself
While this piece of advice may seem obvious, you should take time out to ask yourself some tough questions. Strong applications demonstrate self-awareness and a clear picture of your goals and reasons for pursuing the MBA.

Have someone read your application
It’s easy to lose objectivity after working tirelessly on your application. You may even become blind to simple errors. Have someone read your application to make sure it all makes sense, is easy to read and that your messages are clear.

Spell check
Sounds simple, but your computer’s spell check function won’t catch all spelling and/or grammar errors. So check your work manually to be sure your writing is the best it can be. Spelling and grammar errors won’t deliver the message you wish to send.

Use the optional essay wisely
It’s important to use this essay judiciously. The optional essay can be a great opportunity to provide greater explanation of any anomalies in your application. Use this space only if you feel it’s necessary in providing greater clarity around some aspect of your application.

* * *

All that’s left to do once you’ve hit submit is relax and enjoy the sweet sense of relief and accomplishment that comes after completing such a difficult, stressful task. Still need more guidance? For more Chicago Booth advice from Stacy Blackman Consulting, follow this link.

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