SBC’s Very First Blog Post

SBC 15th anniversary

Exactly 11 years ago today, I launched this blog with these words:

After more than five years of private one on one consulting and larger group work in corporate settings, I have decided to disseminate my knowledge on a larger scale through the Stacy Blackman blog. I will post answers to questions that I am asked with regularity, direct attention to topics that I believe are interesting, and hope to be a valuable resource to anyone applying to business school.
Enjoy and learn!




The blog has grown to become a vital resource for business school applicants eager to stay on top of news from the schools, important deadlines, and of course, a treasure trove of tips to help you create a winning MBA application.

Whether you need inspiration for your essays, guidance on how to chose recommenders, strategies for reapplying, advice on how to improve your candidacy, and everything in between, we’re here for every step of your application journey.

As we celebrate 15 successful years in business this month, I thank you so much for making us a top destination for your b-school research. I hope this resource continues to serve you well as you embark on what is definitely a life-changing, career-boosting journey.


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