Spotlight On: Kellogg’s Science for Managers Program

In Collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medical School, Kellogg School of Management offers an executive education program in Biotechnology: Science for Managers. Designed for CEOs, venture capitalists, and executives of companies in the biomedical sector, among others, this course is designed to provide a practical understanding of the scientific and development foundations in the life sciences.

Participants will learn the science behind the industry to more effectively communicate and perform in this complex environment.

Key Benefits
During the course participants will:

  • Gain a practical understanding of the scientific vocabulary used in the life sciences
  • Learn the basic foundations of the current technologies shaping the biotech industry and develop an instinct regarding future technical trends
  • Recognize product development hurdles: design, manufacturing, and clinical trials
  • Understand regulatory issues and safety data evaluation
  • Understand the role of networks in promoting innovation

Program Content

The Building Blocks of Science
The fundamental blocks and interaction systems in the human body (cells, genetic material, proteins, receptors, communication, and defense)
Why and when biological systems malfunction and the consequences

Creating the Toolbox
The basic toolbox that scientists use to create products””genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, cloning, expression systems, monoclonal antibodies, and their use as therapeutics

Transforming Science into Products
The fundamentals of product development and clinical design
How to develop scalable products and interpret clinical data

Managing and Sustaining Science Innovation
Managing and developing high-performance environments for scientists to spur high-innovation output
The role of networks in promoting innovation

Program dates and Fee
Sept 19-21, 2012
The fee includes tuition, program materials, breakfast, lunch and, coffee breaks. Enrollment is confirmed only upon receipt of full payment. No refund will be given within 30 days of the program start date.

For additional information please contact Professor Sangeeta Vohra or call 847-467-1454.

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