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This week, we bring you the latest from business school applicants as they sound off on life in the trenches.

Managing Magic — It’s a tough economy out there, and in this post, D.G. offers some insight to one of his readers who’s wondering whether taking on the student loans that a top MBA program would necessitate is worth postponing venture plans after graduation.

Comfortably Dumb!Mechanigal (Darden) shares the 4Ps of a consulting internship search: project/position; place; people; payment.

MBA Veggie — After reading doom-and-gloom predicaments on the BusinessWeek forums, TienyChesney has been struck by doubt. Is the expense of two years at Columbia Business School— $175,000– worth it if it won’t yield his dream job? At least he’s found a silver lining, which is that the lack of a stellar job offer may just be the push needed to dive into his entrepreneurial idea.

MBA DreamMBA Dreamer got the dreaded ding letter from Stanford, so it’s time to pack it up and start looking toward IIM Bangalore.

MBA MilesRaghu scrutinizes the chinks in his armor as he waits to hear back from Ross. Will retaking the GMAT really improve his position, or is there something else that might need attention?

Omne’s MBA JourneyOmne headed to North Carolina last week for visits to Duke and  Babcock. Freezing temperatures and the absence of OmneGirl surely made the trip a little less fun than it could have been, but we’ll stay tuned to the full recap.

Bizwiz’ Issues and Challenges of Life — A performance review last week gave Bizwiz the chance to speak openly with his boss about what he doesn’t like about the company, and to give notice that he’ll be leaving some time in the summer. Things to look forward to? A scheduled interview with Kellogg at the end of February, and an interview invitation to Chicago Booth. Congrats!


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