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How to choose a b-school —

The issue is not as glaring at Darden as at other schools farther north, she says, “But at any rate, we are always challenging ourselves and others to re-define what value creation and stakeholder theory and responsibility mean. Viva la case method.”

Going dancing with Wake Forest — After receiving the news that both UNC and Georgetown have waitlisted him again, Omne has decided to end the ‘will they/won’t they’ cycle of torture and enjoy the love coming from Wake Forest. “I feel wanted,”‘ he says, and “Being wanted is a better feeling than being accepted.”

It’s like pulling a rabbit from a hatD.G. has come to the conclusion that getting admitted into business school is akin to the old “pull a rabbit out of a hat” trick. Here, he offers five admissions tips to help applicants figure out what the b-school trick might be.

Watching the boss’s every move — Stanford professor and management guru Bob Sutton taught at an executive program last week on the ins and outs of being a good boss in a bad economy.  One lesson Sutton learned: when people are living in fear, they watch their bosses moves very closely.

Round 2 decisions at Chicago Booth — Rose Martinelli, associate dean for student recruitment and admissions, updated The Rose Report with an explanation of what being on the waitlist really means and offered some consoling words for applicants who have been denied this time around.


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