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Welcome back to another installment of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz! This week, our Buzz bloggers rethink their application strategies, offer GMAT advice, and dive into their MBA programs. Oh, and check out this article in the Washington Post on how to get into the school of your dreams…I’m quoted toward the end of the piece.

Learning from the rookie mistake — Writing b-school essays without brainstorming first didn’t go well the first time around, so now Pyarapopat has created a storyboard covering the professional, extra-curricular, personal, and academic aspects of his life. By looking at what conscious decisions have led him to where he is today, Pyarapopat’s first essay drafts went swimmingly. Life has provided ample material–innovations, ethical dilemmas, conflicts, successes–upon which he can draw for essay inspiration, he says.

An Einstein-influenced approach?KT has also chosen a different approach to the MBA application process this time around. In an attempt to avoid the “mistakes” of the previous admissions cycle, KT has vowed to practice some serious introspection and also revise those target schools that tripped him up last time. The result of all this introspection so far amounts to lots of parties, lots of browsing gaming and social networking sites, and no essay writing until now. We’re eager to hear how all of this introspecting morphs into actual work on the applications!

“We want to get to know you”–not just an AdCom platitude –A couple of weeks into his new life in Ithaca, Ellipser has been having a great time between math camp and orientation activities. In this recent post, he urges new applicants to be incredibly candid and tell their story in the applications. “It is only now that I realize that when admissions officers say ‘We want to get to know you’ – that they really mean it,” says Ellipser.

Advice on GMAT strategy— Now that he’s moved on to the application phase, The Phoenix has a four step plan of attack for the GMAT he thoughtfully shares with readers this week. By starting with a diagnostic test, using the right study materials, setting a schedule and sticking to it, and making sure you’re well rested before you take the exam, your chances of success are quite high.

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