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The type of forecasting that July Dream (Darden) has been doing in Finance lately is all new, but she got a boost to her confidence after a cold call that went smoothly prompted kudos from her section mate. There’s nothing more rewarding than positive encouragement from your peers, July Dream says. 

Fellow Darden blogger Mandy rants about how American women take the occasion of Halloween to let out their inner tigress. Why limit it to Halloween, she asks? Be a powerful and lovely woman 365 days a year. Not just on holidays where it’s more socially acceptable to run around in thigh-high fishnets. Push the envelope and wear them under your pantsuit on a random Thursday in March. 

Sync (HBS) finally extracted himself from the HBS bubble last week for the first time since arriving at Cambridge in August. A wedding of two high school friends in Chicago brought him home and served as a reminder not to forget those who helped you get where you are in the first place. 

To MBA or Not… (Chicago GSB) has a somewhat more positive outlook these days as she will have her last on-campus interview next week and then can ignore recruiting land for the next seven months or so. She says the lack of recruiting opportunities, at the moment, feels more freeing than stressful. 

The class of 2010 at London Business School had their first exam, and Joyce took away an important lesson. The material might not have been “tough”, but it did test how well trained she was: 30 minutes, 20 questions, 0 time to think. This underscores how we’re expected to perform once we’re back in the working world, she says. No one is going to pull out a textbook while in a boardroom. The standard isn’t about having knowledge at your fingertips anymore; it needs to be at the tip of your synapses. 

Ronjon (Melbourne Business School) has had dating on his mind this past week. What do you do when you’re studying and meet someone you might be interested in, but both parties have very different career goals, or live on different continents? Ronjon wants to know, should you start a relationship with only half the stars aligned? 

Mate I, C Bill (Wharton) gives a recap of the recent Sloan Sales Competition. Although the one-on-one sales pitch of Round 1 didn’t go quite as well as Mate hoped, the group pitch in Round 2 rocked the house, and was ranked second out of 11 participating schools.


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