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Welcome back to another installment of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz. As we dive deeper into rounds one and two of the 2011-2012 application cycle, our Buzz bloggers prepare to conquer the GMAT and offer the next wave of applicants cogent advice that may nudge them a step closer to their MBA dreams.

Sticking to the G-Day plan — The days of procrastination are behind him as Sanket knuckles down in preparation for a test date at the end of the month. As to be expected, a certain amount of superstition and luck guided his test selection date! Given his practice scores, it sounds like things are progressing quite well and should find him in good stead come G-Day. We wish him luck and look forward to hearing the results of all this preparation in a few weeks.

Advice to applicants — As if providing free essay editing for current applicants wasn’t enough, Ellipser pays it forward even more in a recent post with some valuable do’s and don’ts for b-school hopefuls. From essay tips to advice on what to ask current students to phone and campus visit etiquette, Ellipser shares what he learned on his own MBA journey just one year ago.

Getting back to the GMAT–After taking nearly a year off from serious GMAT prep, Amar decided to get back into the game recently now that things are more settled in his personal life.  It turns out Amar is rustier than he realized after taking ages to answer some questions and forgetting formulas needed for others. The time has come not for despair, but for practice! As he rightly says, with practice you can achieve your dreams.

Calling it a day — It’s been a long, tough road for KT, who shares the news that he’s decided to end his MBA journey after receiving a ding from one of the two schools to which he had applied in round one. Despite improving his candidacy on many levels this application cycle, he is experiencing immense frustration due to an inability to pinpoint the cause of his failure. If indeed an MBA is not in his future, we sincerely wish him continued success on his current career trajectory and all his future endeavors.

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