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Welcome back to another edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, where we share the latest goings-on from the MBA applicant and student trenches. This week, our Buzz bloggers provide application updates, offer an inside look at how second-years can be of great help to their first-year brethren, and share a poignant post that reminds us all to reflect upon our blessings.

Back in the game— After taking more than a month off from posting to focus on work, Rolipolli returned this week with updates on his GMAT preparation, the reasons behind his decision not to go on the annual train journey in India known as Jagriti Yatra, and a guest post exploring the ways an MBA can be the ticket to your bright future. Great to hear from you again!

So, what’s your rating?Part-Time MBA Degree shares a link that has become increasingly popular on university campuses…but not everybody is as enamored of it as the students. This blogger has used the site quite extensively in selecting his classes since 2009, and new research on the validity of the ratings maintains that the correlation between these scores and traditional in-class evaluations is very high.

Selfless second-years— As he marvels at already being almost halfway through his first year at Cornell’s Johnson School, Ellipser takes a moment to offer his thanks to all of the selfless second-year students who he calls an invaluable resource in aiding first years get through the Core.

Gratitude is an everyday goalMBAChic recently shared an inspiring guest post written by Tina Glickman, an MBA student from the Darden School of Business. In it, Tina recounts how a seizure, subsequent diagnosis of a cavernous angioma in her brain, and eventual craniotomy interrupted her life as a second-year earlier this fall. Now back at Darden but no longer on track to graduate with her cohort, Tina has embraced new opportunities and goals.  “Find pleasure in your day to day activities (as grinding as they may currently seem),” she urges. “Create your own future ”“ a future of which you are truly desirous.”

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