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Hello, and welcome back to our weekly foray into the b-school blogosphere for a candid look at what’s keeping MBA applicants and students buzzing. In this edition, our bloggers celebrate getting in, relay their observations on leadership, and provide wardrobe advice for the holiday office party.

Better late than never—Although the email offering him a place at Kellogg School of Management came a few days after the announced notification date, The Phoenix knows it’s never too late for good news! As a Kellogg alumna, I can assure him that indeed the school’s culture and awesome student spirit more than make up for that pesky Chicago climate.

How coursework informs real life—Based on an assignment from his Conflict Management and Negotiation class to create a “self-reflection journal”, Part-Time MBA shares an entry this week reflecting on negotiation styles. The main take home lesson, he writes, is not to avoid pain at any cost, but to produce the best value in the end—even if it may require going through the pain in the process.

Some sartorial advice—This post goes out to all the professional women experiencing some angst over what to wear to the holiday office party. MBAChics latest guest post by Ivie Ero of My So-Called Corporate Life notes that getting to know your colleagues (or classmates) in various social settings is part of the job, so choose something that suits your tastes and shows off your style and individuality.

Thoughts on culture and leadership—It’s been almost a month since we’ve heard from Sanket, and he’s back this week to share some observations on leadership culled from a recent experience working on special assignment for a different Indian automobile manufacturer. “It was a great reflection to understand how values, behavior of leaders percolate through the down level and subconsciously/ unknowingly build the culture of the shop and arguably culture of the organization,” he writes.

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