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Hello, and welcome back to our weekly foray into the b-school blogosphere for a candid look at what’s keeping MBA applicants and students buzzing. From an analysis of the state of the MBA to a celebration of a hard-won victory, you’re sure to glean some helpful information that will make the b-school journey easier.

Is the MBA bubble going to burst?—In a lengthy post, Part-Timer examines the state of the MBA degree, particularly as it relates to hiring, salaries, ROI, and relevancy in today’s marketplace. Although it may not be the Golden Ticket degree it once was, he concludes that it still offers quite a reasonable and attractive ROI compared to many other advanced degrees.

Welcome message—In case you hadn’t already heard, Cornell’s Johnson School announced Monday that Soumitra Dutta will become the 11th dean of the school effective July 1. Ellipser remarks that he will miss Dean Thomas, but hears from others who met Dutta and his wife that they are two of the nicest people in business.

Ringing in the New YearMBAChic took a moment to reflect upon the growth and excitement she experienced over the course of 2011 as she connected with “a new world, full of bloggers, thought leaders and contributors who discuss technology, women in business, management and more.” In 2012, we look forward to seeing more great content that benefits applicants and MBA students alike.

 Lessons in perseverance—Now six months into her Teach for India fellowship, Mukaam has realized just how far both she and her students have come. While her MBA plans are temporarily on hold, the lesson that hard work and dedication pays off applies equally to those embarking on the MBA admissions process.

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