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Hello, and welcome back to our weekly foray into the b-school blogosphere for a candid look at what’s keeping MBA applicants and students buzzing. In this edition, we welcome a new featured blogger while hearing from others as they show off their athletic prowess and relay some of the best specialized MBA programs.

Educating entrepreneurs—While much is made of self-taught business moguls, a majority of folks sees the immense value business school can offer for anyone wanting to start their own company. With that in mind, Rolipolli offers a guest post on the top four MBA programs for entrepreneurs.

Battling it out on the football fieldBayo Babalola took a break from the books at Oxford this week to participate in a a four-school football (a.k.a. soccer) tournament held at Manchester Business School. Good spirits reigned supreme throughout the experience, judging by his photos, and it seems that drawing a decision tree played a decisive role in the outcome of the game.

What’s the buzz up North?—This week, we welcome a new MBA student blogger to our Buzz network–Lori Weiss from HEC Montreal. In a recent post, she ponders the unexpected turn of events in which she finds that the math and science sections that were her testing strong suit over verbal in high school have done a reverse now that she’s in an MBA program.

An identity reclaimed—Anyone who has ever been seriously sidelined by a sports injury will enjoy Chris Garvin‘s latest post on one of the highlights of his internship time in California. As someone who has self-identified as a runner for 15 years,  losing that identity throughout his MIT Sloan LGO experience was painful–in more ways than one. But that all changed when he and his LGO housemates signed up for the Malibu Half Marathon.

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