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Welcome back to another edition of Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, where we share the latest and greatest from the MBA blogosphere. This week, our Buzz bloggers share advice for new applicants, bemoan a lack of civil discourse, and share their goals, disappointments and challenges.

Advice for new applicants—Those who are just embarking on the b-school application process take note: Ms. HR has several worthy tips for you. From school visits and testing conundrums to essays and budgets, she’s covered many areas that may not yet be on your radar. Also, see Cheetarah1980’s comments, which provide further practical advice.

The challenges ahead—This is a week of reflection and planning for Sanket, as he comes to terms with the disappointment of not winning the BTG scholarship, finds hope in our SBC Challenge, and prepares to challenge himself with GMAT preparation that features brand-new, never-before-seen questions.

Keep it collegial, folks!—The earlier conversation on the merits and flaws of the Consortium generated quite a bit of feedback for The Senator, who has appreciated the uptick in visits to his blog but is less fond of the vicious tone of some of the response emails he’s since received. With dialogue there may be disagreements, but respect among b-school community members is key.

MBA World Cup—As someone who’s played soccer for almost half his life, the recent MBA World Cup 2012 held last weekend at Tuck School of Business held a lot of appeal for Ellipser. In addition to reconnecting with Tuckie friends he’d met through MLT and the Consortium, Ellipser played in three grueling, back-to-back matches: against MIT, Mexico’s IPADE, and Tuck, which ended up winning the tournament. Here’s hoping his aching muscles have finally recovered!

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