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 Welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our weekly ramble through the MBA blogosphere to discover what’s been keeping applicants and students humming. In this edition, our Buzz contributors take delight in an application revamp; ponder the part money plays in deciding where to go; and share an interesting read on video gaming and the MBA.

 The shakeup is well-received—Earlier this week, Harvard Business School announced some pretty major changes to its application this season: two short essays, plus a third reflection essay only for those who have been invited to interview. Sanket says he loves the new approach and is excited to begin reflecting on his HBS strategy.

Is money a deciding factor?Cheetarah1980 has a terrific post looking at the issue of school ranking versus money. What to do when a lower ranked school offers scholarship money, and the school in higher standing offers zilch? What are the expectations for those attending an elite program, compared to someone graduating debt-free from a top-30 program? Lots of interesting insights in this entry.

Where the winds will blow next—After eons in absentia, the about-to-graduate MRI shares the news that she will soon join IESE Business School‘s Young Talent Program in Barcelona. Her summer plans include stops in Bangalore and Kuala Lumpur before heading to Spain to get settled in. Congratulations MRI as you embark on this exciting new chapter!

Video games and b-school?Julianne (Tepper MBA ’13) comments on an intriguing article published this week by the Financial Times that examines how the gaming industry is beginning to see the importance of the MBA degree. Since Tepper School of Business‘s reputation is based in analytics, Julianne says her school is in a great position to capitalize on this shift in attitudes.

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