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Hello, and welcome back to Stacy Blackman’s B-School Buzz, our regular examination of life in the MBA applicant and student trenches. This week, our featured contributors share the highlights of their MBA experience, the wisdom of asking for feedback, advice for prospective students, and a great lesson in leadership and management.

Some timely advice— Are you an MBA applicant and thinking of contacting a current student for more information? Julianne (Tepper ’13) has some tips and insight you should definitely read first. From points on common courtesy to the importance of seeking out students you can genuinely relate to, this post may be an eye-opener for many b-school hopefuls.

Highlights from the last two years Chris Gaven, aka One in Forty-Eight, recently gave a recap of a few things from the LGO/MIT Sloan experience he expects to hold close for many years to come. From the uniqueness of MIT to the LGO sports, the all-consuming thesis to the amazing people he’s met over the past two years, Chris says the experience provided more knowledge, friendships, and memories than he ever could have hoped for.

Asking for feedback—A second opinion, or pair of eyes, can make a world of difference in your b-school applications and beyond. Motown learned this after receiving some seriously heavy edits on her Kellogg essays, which subsequently helped her make enormous improvements upon them. Asking for feedback can also keep things from falling through the cracks. The “squeaky wheel” adage exists for a reason!

Hitting the ground runningThe Senator has been keeping several plates spinning of late as he wraps up work and embarks on a pre-MBA internship with Morgan Stanley. He urges all Class of 2015 MBA candidates to take advantage of these opportunities, and shares some lessons learned on leadership and management.

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