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In QS Top MBA’s Diary of an MBA candidate, IE Business School MBA student Remy Carera ponders the pressure of exams, what to do in his summer break, and the concept of selling his professors for charity.

Stacy Blackman welcomes new B-school blogger/applicant MBA Shuffle, who is deep into GMAT study mode and writes this week about reading comprehension and other tales of woe. Because this area seems like a gimme, he thinks a lot of people don’t really spend the time to practice and develop a strategy for getting these done quickly and efficiently.

En Route to MBA is convinced that when it comes to school selection, it’s all about the brand name. En Route…says an MBA is a one time activity, so it better be at a school with a collateral life long brand value!

Greek Entrepreneur looks at cause and effect this week. Does graduating from a top university make one successful, or is one accepted into a top university because one has already demonstrated success? He thinks all the people who have graduated from the top programs would be successful even without doing an MBA.

Omne’s MBA Journey checks in with a potpourri post covering studying, scandals and puppies. With his GMAT appointment in just two weeks, Omne has his own test-taking strategy and the recent cheating scandal on his mind.

Tinydancer also weighs in on the GMAT cheating scandal. She thinks whoever purchased the actual, live GMAT questions deserves whatever punishment is handed down to them, although the harshness will vary by school. Tinydancer won’t be the only one watching and waiting for the fallout.

Now that she’s half-way through her internship, MBA Salsera gives up the pros and cons of the experience but the jury’s still out on how she feels about it.

Mission MBA is feeling glum over his lack of cosigner for a massive student loan. After much frustration, he’s realized that any school that needs a cosigner for any loan is definitely a no-go, and programs that offer a no-cosigner loan up to the cost of attendance remain on his list.

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