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Veni, Vidi, Vici shares his surprise over the difficulty level of the TOEFL exam; studying for only two nights left him feeling unsettled by the GMAT-style essays in the reading section. Also, while reflecting on the HBS essay outlines, he wonders how much “dreaming” should figure in to a career vision essay.

Goneguru has an insightful post this week that stresses how critical it is to avoid becoming victim to your own insecurities when facing an admissions process that can frighten and intimidate many potential applicants.

Chandara offers some candid observations after attending a disappointing Minority HBS information session in San Francisco last week.

The final countdown to B-school has begun for Tinydancer, who starts Pre-Term at Wharton next week. While most folks are surprised to hear that she’s starting classes already, Tinydancer’s happy the program is so rigorous, since, as she explains, “I’m paying a lot of freakin money for this degree!”

Headed for LBS, (Out on a limb) Back in the Saddle has been quizzing his MBA friends about how to order from the a la carte menu that is B-school life. The consensus, he’s found, is that it’s not what you choose to do in B-school, but what you choose not to do.

Mission MBA is feeling relief now that his Stanford-Reliance application has been submitted. Some of the highlights include minor griping about miniature text fields and the limits of a one-page resume, as well as a 250-word essay on how he aspires to shape the future of India.

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