Stacy Blackman’s Words of Wisdom Campaign Heats Up

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We’re wrapping up the third week of the Words of Wisdom (WOW) campaign on our social media streams, and the online response has been nothing short of incredible! Have you checked it out yet?  The goal is to motivate potential MBA candidates with inspirational quotes from the top business schools and our educational partners.

More than 12 elite MBA programs, and organizations such as Forté Foundation and the MBA Tour, have chimed in with their thoughts on reapplying, reminders about how to take advantage of every opportunity, reality checks regarding the GMAT, and views on how to create value and sense of purpose in all that you do.

Every Friday during the campaign, we’ll provide a roundup of these motivational messages here on the blog, but you can see them right away on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Use the following hashtags:  #WOW #WordsofWisdom #SBCWOW #MBAinspiration and #BeInspired to check it out each day.

We hope these messages inspire you to make 2016 your best year ever!

  • “Approximately 15 percent of Tuck applicants are reapplicants. We look favorably upon reapplicants and work closely with them. If Tuck remains your top choice, reach out to us to help you determine if and what reapplicant strategy might work best for you,” says Dawna Clarke, Director of Admissions at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.
  • “Training yourself to be sure of the outcome of the GMAT, to imagine conquering business school and even looking ahead to your future career will help you create a game plan for success,” advises Bara Sapir, CEO/Founder of Test Prep New York/Test Prep San Francisco.
  • Kellogg School of Management Professor David Chen counsels MBA students to “Figure out how your values can create value.”
  • “Students ask me how to find their purpose.  My advice is simple: stop looking for a purpose and start noticing when you get excited by what you are doing.  When you enjoy your work, your purpose usually finds you,” says Professor Richard Shell at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.
  • “Don’t put too much emphasis on the GMAT. People overemphasize the GMAT because it’s the most “concrete” element of the application. It’s easy to understand that a higher score means a somewhat higher change of being accepted. However, the real difference between a 710 and even a 740, or a 650 and a 690, is probably way smaller than you think.  In a way, it’s “easy” to put your head down and focus on improving your GMAT score for two hours. But it’s “hard” to figure out which schools are really a great fit for you, your core reasons for going to business school, and your personal narrative around what you’d bring to a program. Once you get the GMAT score that falls in the range of your target schools, move on and focus on the application,” advises My Guru‘s Mark Skoskiewicz.
  • Amanda Soule Shaw, Assistant Dean for Student Services at Cornell’s Johnson School of Management, says, “Commit to doing new things and expanding your network of contacts. It’s great to be completely sure of your post-MBA goal, but don’t let that goal define the choices you make in terms of classes, clubs, teams and friends. Your time in school will provide limitless opportunities to gain exposure to diverse topics and perspectives, so make sure to take full advantage of that once in a lifetime experience.”
  • “We all make mistakes. The key is to learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them.” GMAT Genius
  • “Embrace the transformative opportunity that an MBA program offers.  The network is invaluable, but maximizing its value first requires openness to change and effort to develop who you are and what you can do,” says Professor Scott B. Smart at Indiana University Kelley School of Business 
  • Professor Harry Kraemer at the Kellogg School of Management advises, “Don’t forget to take the time to self-reflect and ask yourself, ‘What are my values? What really matters?'”

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