Stacy’s #WOW Campaign Inspires Thousands in Social Media

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Have you been keeping an eye out for the Words of Wisdom (WOW) campaign on our social media streams?  For the past few weeks, we’ve been motivating potential MBA candidates with inspirational quotes from the top business schools and our educational partners. Awesome is the only way to describe the massive online response!

More than 12 elite MBA programs, organizations such as Forté Foundation and The MBA Tour, and our test prep partners have chimed in with their advice. Every Friday during the campaign, we’ve provided a roundup of these motivational messages here on the blog, but you can see them right away on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Use the following hashtags:  #WOW #WordsofWisdom #SBCWOW #MBAinspiration and #BeInspired to check it out each day until the campaign ends on February 10th.

We hope these motivational messages inspire you to make 2016 your best year ever!

  • “Tuck offers feedback sessions to many candidates who are denied admission or placed on the waiting list. We encourage applicants to take advantage of the opportunity to hear feedback and make every effort to act on the advice that is given, should you decide to reapply next year,” says Dawna Clarke, Director of Admissions at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.
  • “You have incredibly valuable skills that can add a great deal to the civic and philanthropic community. Engaging with community leadership will expand your network, challenge you to think about a different perspective and allow you to give back in a very important way,” says Kellogg School of Management Professor Liz Livingston Howard.
  • “Quick breaks help you rejuvenate. Healthy snacks, stretching, and deep breaths can do wonders.” GMAT Genius
  • “When the process challenges you (as it surely will), remind yourself that this was your goal, and why you wanted to do it. View each challenge as a learning opportunity to handle the next challenge more effectively,” advises Zachary Talmadge, MBA candidate ’16 and president of the Graduate Business Association at the Tepper School of Business.
  • “Make sure to devote yourself and all resources at your disposal not just to good or productive things, but to the very best option available,” urges Kellogg School of Management Professor Leemore Dafny.
  • “The key [to doing well on the GMAT] is to manage your time properly and remember that if you just don’t know how to answer a question, it may be best to skip it, rather than devote too much time to it.” The Economist Test Prep
  • “In making the admissions decision, the admissions committee will consider a bundle of factors including your undergraduate performance, the quality and amount of your work experience, your global exposure, work references, GMAT score, IELTS/TOFEL result (if applicable), etc. There is no single factor that dominates the admissions decision,” explains Crystal Wong, Director of Admissions and Marketing at HKUST Business School.
  • “To get a top score, you need to be in the optimal state of mind: positive, calm and focused,” says Bara Sapir, CEO and Founder of Test Prep NY/SF.

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