The Bigger Picture: What it’s All About

For the past 16 years, I have written in my blog, contributed articles to various publications, been interviewed by journalists, moderated forums, hosted webinars, advised clients, spoken on panels, authored a book and recorded videos, all linked in some way to the topic of MBA Admissions. Through this work, I have encountered thousands of incredible individuals and felt blessed to help them achieve their most ambitious educational and professional dreams. It’s been a true honor to accompany so many on this significant and very personal journey.

Lately, I have been feeling that I have so much more to say. For me, business school was only the beginning. Getting in was exciting, attending was life changing and after that…there was life: launching and selling a company, launching and growing a second company, getting married, raising three children, navigating new territories, dreaming, striving, failing, juggling and experimenting.

There are so many post b-school topics that are meaningful to me. There are lessons I want to share, questions I want to ask and conversations I want to have. I realize that if you are reading my blog, there is a very good chance that you are most interested in what it takes to get into the best business schools. If that’s the case, there is a wealth of information on this website, including my recent interview with Business Insider.

However, you may also be interested in The Bigger Picture: insights, challenges and lessons from the post-admit life. Tomorrow I launch a bi-weekly series where I will touch on the more personal experiences I have had while growing SBC and while growing up. I hope that you can learn from my experiences, and that I can learn from yours. Perhaps I will help you avoid repeating my mistakes or remind you to stay positive in the face of failure. Maybe my stories will cause you to reflect and in turn, inspire stories (or application essays) of your own.  I’d love to hear from you and to learn what interests you.

Feel free to email me at with questions or suggestions for this new series.

Cheers to the bigger picture and living the bigger life!

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