The Michigan Ross ‘Admissions Formula’

The admissions team at Michigan Ross School of Business is about a week away from making their admit calls to Round 2 applicants in the U.S. and internationally, and all decisions will be posted by Friday, March 13th.

If there’s one question every applicant wishes he or she could know the answer to, it’s “What are my chances of admission?” With that in mind, MBA Admissions Director Soojin Kwon lists the qualities they are looking for in applicants, and has posted a video explaining the complicated formula that is used to make those tough decisions at Michigan Ross.

As you’ll discover in the video, there are some factors you control, some factors controlled by the admissions team, and yet other factors no one can control or predict since they fluctuate each year according to the current applicant pool.

If you’re on the fence about applying in the final round, you might feel better knowing Michigan Ross saves space in the class for Round 3. “One of the things we see year after year is that we get some really strong candidates in Round 3,” Kwon writes, noting, “We’ve found it to be candidates who may have decided later in the game that they want to pursue an MBA.”

When you decided is less important than why you want to and how you’ll contribute the Ross community, the director explains. So if you’re submitting your application on March 23rd, be sure to answer those questions fully and use the optional essay space if you need to in order to explain your reason for applying later in the cycle.

Best of luck to those awaiting a decision on your application next week!

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