UCLA Anderson on Early Career MBAs

The MBA Insider’s Blog of UCLA Anderson School of Management tackled the notion this week of what makes a great early career MBA candidate. “Early career” (EC) candidates, defined as folks with less than three years of full-time, professional work experience,  may wonder which programs actually have an interest in them, since most class profiles skewer work experience in the four to six-year range.

So, what kind of EC candidate has a shot of admission into a top MBA program? UCLA Anderson says ECs who are talented, motivated, and exhibit a track record of leadership and initiative have great odds in their favor. Though they may not have the years of formal work experience under their belts, many ECs have gained skills through internships, community service, entrepreneurial ventures or extra-curricular activities.

“The challenge for most b-schools, in fact, is to attract such candidates,” writes the admissions director, adding that the same is true for groups like women and minorities, whose representation in MBA programs is limited by their numbers in the applicant pipeline rather than admissions policies.

After considering why the MBA degree makes sense for you, and how it can help you realize the career trajectory you envision, “you will not only be better prepared to present a thoughtful and articulate application, but you will be better poised to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you during your time in business school,” says UCLA Anderson admissions.

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