What Makes Tough Verbal Questions Tough

One of the more frustrating things about verbal content on any standardized test is that you have to read and absorb material you have virtually no interest in.

To make questions more difficult, the GMAT takes that to the next level. If you’ve been studying for long, you know that some of the most challenging GMAT Verbal questions are based on science content”“the sort of thing most potential MBA candidates never give a second thought to.

For instance, what would you rather read about: differing opinions as to the cause of the Great Depression, or differing theories as to why a rare South American bird evolved with a clipped left wing? If you chose the latter, consider yourself lucky”“you’re not in the majority.

The GMAT is never testing you on prior knowledge, so whatever you need to answer the question is right there on the screen. Especially in Reading Comprehension, read actively: take notes, make an outline, think about what you’re reading. Further, don’t hesitate to take a breath and look away from the question.

A little adjustment like that can give you the focus you need to get through the longest, most unfamiliar material.


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