GMAT Coronavirus Updates

GMAT coronavirus updates

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, testing centers worldwide have temporarily closed their doors. Undeterred by this hurdle, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is working quickly to create an in-home, online GMAT test.  Today, we’re sharing these GMAT coronavirus updates so that MBA applicants can adapt to these trying circumstances and still pursue their business school plans.

The online GMAT exam will go live in mid-April. According to GMAC:

This interim GMAT exam will provide a comparable structure, number of items, and scoring as delivered in test centers. The Quant, Verbal and IR sections (no AWA section) will have the same number of items and the same time for completion. This will allow us to maintain the same score scale for both the Section Scores and Total Score.  

GMAC says it will modify check-in and security protocols to accommodate online delivery. In addition, they will use remote proctors to maintain test integrity. The company plans to make the test available in impacted markets outside of China. Meanwhile, GMAC continues to work with Chinese authorities to come up with a workable solution for mainland test-takers.

As we mentioned in this update for international applicants, GMAC will offer this interim exam at a lower cost than the standard GMAT exam.

Other GMAT coronavirus updates to remember

  • GMAC has temporarily waived all GMAT exam reschedule fees during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Registrants with canceled appointments due to the coronavirus will receive a full refund of their test fees and any appointment reschedule and cancellation fees.
  • If your appointment has been canceled, it will not automatically be rescheduled. You will need to schedule a new test-taking appointment.
  • As of March 25, GMAC will waive GMAT exam score reinstatement fees. Your score will be automatically sent to programs you selected in the test center prior to your score cancellation.

Finally, GMAC says it looks forward to helping candidates and schools with this high-caliber, interim GMAT option. Stay tuned for more GMAT coronavirus updates and registration information in the coming weeks.

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