At Harvard Business School, It’s D-Day for R2 Applicants

Those who have barely breathed since hitting the submit button January 10th for Harvard Business School will finally experience some great relief today, in one form or another.

According to Admissions Director Deirdre Leopold‘s  recent post, R2 admit emails and waitlist invitations go out at noon EST. Anyone sitting by the phone take note: HBS doesn’t notify admits through that now somewhat antiquated medium, though they do extend congratulatory calls after the fact.

Leopold also notes that HBS doesn’t make financial aids awards at the time of admission, “So don’t feel slighted that you don’t see any $$ mentioned.” However, there is a significant amount of need-based funding available to both U.S. and international candidates, whether they applied in Round 1 or Round 3.

Perhaps in a move toward further transparency in the admissions process, the director will  personally offer feedback to candidates who were denied admission after reaching the interview stage. Typically it’s not a case of anything being “wrong” she says, “But simply the challenge of comprising a class rich in diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.” Details about phone hours will be in the decision letter, she adds.

While landing on the waitlist may not be the ideal scenario, waitlist invitations will also go out today and Leopold stresses that HBS will likely offer 25-50 spots to waitlisted applicants between May and early June. Offers were already made to about 50 similarly situated individuals earlier this month, which is an excellent sign that it’s not all doom and gloom if that’s where you happen to land.

If you applied to Harvard Business School in Round 2, please leave us a comment below. We’d leave to hear which way the winds have blown in your particular case.

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