2+2 Program Application Now Online

Back in December, we discussed Harvard’s brand-new 2+2 Program, the first-of-its-kind deferred MBA admissions program designed to reach qualified college students, especially those who may not typically consider business as a career path or business education as a future option. Last week, Harvard announced that the MBA application for the 2+2 program, including all instructions, policies, and materials, became available online.

In order to be eligible for the 2+2 Program, you must be a current college junior with at least one remaining semester, after July 2008, necessary for the completion of your degree. HBS career coaches help program participants navigate their job search and introduce them to a wide network of recruiting partners to fulfill the two years of employment requirement. This unique program gives undergraduates a guaranteed place in a future Harvard Business School MBA class, contingent upon their graduation from college and the successful completion of two years of approved work experience.

Harvard Business School anticipates that the 2+2 Program will grow to about five to ten percent of the 900-member incoming Harvard MBA class over the next several years.

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