UCLA Anderson Launches Entrepreneurship Accelerator

Dean Olian
UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Dean Judy Olian

To meet the needs of an expanding entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus, the UCLA Anderson School of Management has announced the launch of the Anderson Venture Accelerator—a 10,000-square-foot incubator for nascent UCLA startups.

The accelerator, launched in association with the UCLA library, encourages multidisciplinary collaboration among aspiring Anderson MBA candidates, faculty researchers, undergraduates and graduate students from other schools on campus, and will include mentoring from alumni, experienced entrepreneurs, and the business community.

This technology-rich space is divided into training rooms, collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, and working lounge areas, all of which are conducive to developing the ideas and momentum needed to start businesses. The facility will also host guest speakers, topical seminars and “demo days” for resident companies.

The Anderson Venture Accelerator offers students and researchers an environment that triggers innovation and breakthrough ventures. —Dean Judy Olian

Elaine Hagan, executive director of the Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, explains that Anderson’s accelerator has slightly different goals than incubators at other universities.

“We’re taking students through the entrepreneurial experience so they can understand if it’s right for them,” she says. “We’re helping them decide what role they would like to fill or whether or not they like collaborating. There’s an opportunity to learn about themselves.”

The Anderson Venture Accelerator launch is sponsored by Cadillac, which is presenting three $10,000 Cadillac Dare Greatly Awards to each of three outstanding entrepreneurial ventures founded by members of the UCLA community:

  • Leo Petrossian (’14), Dan Hanchey (’13), Robert Hamilton (PhD. ’13 Biomedical Engineering), Neural Analytics
  • Rob Douk (GEMBA ‘16), Behavioral Healthworks, Inc.
  • Layne Haber and Mykolas Marcinkevicius (B.S. ’16), Arctica

“It is important to foster young minds to think differently, carve their own path and provide them the resources to move the world forward,” says Melody Lee, Cadillac director of brand strategy and planning. “Our partnership with the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator is a terrific way to recognize those who will change the world for future generations.”

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