4 Podcasts to Feed Your Mind This Thanksgiving Weekend

business podcastsHave you finally emerged from your Tryptophan coma? If you have a hankering for some food for thought, check out these illuminating podcasts from b-schools and beyond. They cover entrepreneurship, creativity, marketing, and one of the most important aspects in all of our lives…food. Bon appetit!

Banish the office bully

Professor Bob Sutton at the Stanford Graduate School of Business has devoted his career to studying organizational behavior and dysfunction. Lately, he’s figuring out how we can avoid or deal with people who demean, disrespect and drain those around them.

In his podcast Difficult People, Sutton explains how to deal with bully colleagues, when your boss never takes the blame, and when your direct report gets on everyone’s bad side — but still brings in the money.

Where the toys are

Knowledge@Wharton is well-known for its timely and insightful podcasts. This new episode discusses what’s ahead for holiday toy sales in the absence of Toys R Us. But don’t completely discount Toys R Us just yet: The brand, which decided in October not to liquidate all of its assets, has partnered with Kroger to put seasonal merchandise inside supermarkets in pop-up stores branded “Geoffrey’s Toy Box.”

Bad mood busting

A bad mood, if it lingers, can actually damage your business. This episode from the popular $100 MBA podcast offers specific methods for digging ourselves out of a funk. Every second you spend in a bad mood hurts morale, productivity, and your bottom line. Check out this practical, step-by-step guide to dusting yourself off, putting a smile on your face, and getting back in the saddle.

Do you feel like Ethiopian tonight?

NPR’s How I Built This is a podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. In this episode, host Guy Raz talks with Door Dash founder Tony Xu. While in business school, Xu and his partners struck upon the idea of how to use technology to connect customers to drivers. Finally, we’ve moved beyond the ubiquitous Chinese and pizza delivery to order meals in every imaginable cuisine.

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