Admissions Tip – Should you reapply?

It’s decision time which can mean good news for some and bad news for others. Often applicants who have been denied admissions wonder if they should reapply. Of course every situation is unique. Generally though in deciding whether to reapply, you should evaluate the school, your profile, and your fit.

The School
Each school has slightly different policies on reapplications, so the best place to start is the school website. Here are a few things to check:
1. Is the school reapplicant friendly?
Wharton encourages applicants to reapply. In fact, they state that 10% of their applicants are re-applicants. Stanford says reapplicants are “not at a disadvantage for having applied (or been denied) in a previous year. Your new application will be evaluated on its merits in the context of the new applicant pool.”

2. Does the school provide applicants with feedback?
HBS receives too many requests to offer feedback with the exception of rejected college seniors. However Wharton does offer feedback sessions, but these are limited an offered on a first come, first serve basis. See what your school of choice says and get in touch with the admissions office right away if feedback sessions are an option.

3. Do you need to submit a new application?
Check specific policies on test scores and transcripts many schools, such as Wharton, keep files for a couple of years so you don’t need to submit new score reports or additional transcripts. Of course if you retake the GMAT or complete additional coursework you will submit that information to schools. As for the essays, most school will have you answer the same essay questions as first-time applicants, however you should rewrite your essays (see below). Wharton actually has slightly different essays for reapplicants.

Your profile
Even if you are answering the same essay questions, reapplying does not mean submitting the same application again. For every school, you should follow Stanford‘s advice to get a fresh start. This means re-writing your essays, updating your work history, and submitting new recommendations even if they are written by the same people. This is also a good opportunity for you to add any new information that may be helpful in the decision process.

Your fit
Though you were convinced a certain school was just the right place for you, it is important to recognize that schools are really good at determining who is a good fit for their program. A denial of admissions means you should reconsider whether you and that school were a perfect match. If you didn’t do a school visit prior to applying this year, it would be a good idea to visit before reapplying. HBS is currently scheduling class visits for this spring. Also try to attend information sessions in your city and reach out to alumni to further evaluate whether that school is the best place for you.

Again, it is important to remember that each individual situation is different. If you are thinking about reapplying, please contact us here to speak with an admissions consultant.

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