Admissions Updates From the Kellogg MBA Program

With the online application now live, MBA admission season has officially begun at Kellogg School of ManagementErika Murphy, assistant director of admissions, posted a blog update yesterday with details on what’s in store for her team in the coming weeks/months.

Currently, admissions is preparing for lots of international and domestic recruiting travel, with off-campus recruiting events scheduled around the globe meeting with prospective students from now through the end of October. “As you can see, we are spending a substantial amount of time on the road bringing Kellogg to you,” writes Murphy, adding that an extensive on-campus visit program allows prospective applicants to experience life at Kellogg for themselves.

The full schedule of on-campus events resumes on September 27th, says Murphy, and until then the school will continue to hold on-campus information sessions. No registration is needed for the on-campus visit program, where you can observe a class, have lunch with a student, attend an information session, take a building/campus tour, and much more.

All you need to do is check-in at the Admission Office and you will be ready to experience Kellogg.  Visitors should note that the campus visit program is not offered on Wednesdays.

If you’re ready to begin preparing and submitting your application, take a look at our Kellogg essay tips; or consider purchasing the Kellogg School of Management Essay Guide for MBA Applications by Stacy Blackman Consulting. This invaluable tool analyzes the qualities that Kellogg is seeking, dissects their application and provides pointed tips as well as samples from successful essays.

Best of luck with all of your applications!

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