B-School Buzz: A Week of Transitions, Priorities and Thanks

This week, our B-School Buzz bloggers present current and future applicants with advice, thanks and reflections that may shape your own MBA journey.

The pros and cons of consulting careers — Interesting fact: more applicants come from the field of consulting than any other in Harvard Business School‘s Class of 2013. Random Wok reflects upon his three years as a management consultant and offers readers a look at the dark side of consulting careers. Work-life balance (or lack thereof), travel perks and punishments, and the staffing process are key areas he dissects in this week’s post.

Prioritizing the big stuff — After 15 campus visits and talking to 100+ students, Sanket has been immersed in the B-school universe for the past two and a half years. This exposure has helped him finalize his target schools and figure out where he will apply in Round 1 and Round 2. With luck, this new-found clarity will relieve some of the mental pressure and free up those brain cells to prepare for the GMAT.

Transitioning into B-school — Despite the obvious target audience, the Military to Business blog always offers useful information for anyone participating in the MBA process, particularly non-traditional applicants. This week’s post addresses those considering business school two or three years from now with a three-phase plan of tactics and questions to ponder at each stage.

Open letter of thanks — We’ve been following the exploits of blogger Richard Battle Baxter, aka Ellipsing My Way…to Business School, for some time now, and his heartfelt letter to his MLT family is a beautiful thing to share. As a person of color and someone who never considered pursuing an MBA until two years ago, the support and guidance he has received from Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) fellows made an incredible impact on his B-school journey.

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