B-School Buzz: GMAT Tips, Admit Weekend Hijinks, Preparing for the MBA

Welcome back to another week featuring the latest exploits of our B-School Buzz bloggers! The admitted are gearing up for life as MBA students while others have identified GMAT tools that work for them. And check out the great post about a train ride in India that ends with applications in at two of the top American B-schools.

Preparing for business school — The hectic pace that is the life of the MBA applicant is nothing compared to life post-acceptance,  Ellipsing My Way…to Business School has found. He’s already set on Cornell’s Johnson School and offers sage advice to anyone lucky enough to be wavering between multiple programs: Ask yourself if in five years you’ll be able to reach out to the students who are at the school now.  “If you don’t think that the current 1st and 2nd years will respond to you, then how do you think the folks who have been out of school for 10+ years will respond?”

Maybe the rankings should include weather?UCLA Anderson admit weekend proved to be a great experience for Random Wok, who says the school’s culture and environment stood out from the competition. In fact, some admits were choosing Anderson over Tuck and Chicago Booth simply for the sunshine factor. The experience definitely gave Mark some homework; he says he needs to sharpen his story and career goals as well as come to terms with the reality that he’ll soon leave behind his job and comfortable salary to go to B-school for two years.

Three great GMAT tools — We welcome new Buzz blogger Kruthika, aka MBA Odyssey, who shares the joy of India’s win over Pakistan in the ICC World Cup Semi-Finals as well as three great tools for GMAT success.  Besides being in love with the revamped BeatTheGMAT site, Kruthika swears by using an error log, flash cards and a GMAT progress chart.

The journey to WhartonReaching My Mukaam tells a great story about a chance meeting that turned into a lovely friendship with a fellow B-school applicant, also from Bangalore. Over the course of two days on a train, Mukaam connected her new friend with an adviser to help polish her essays for Stanford and Wharton, and she ultimately managed to overcome dodgy internet connections to submit her applications with mere hours to spare. So how does this story end? Read her blog to find out!

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