Michigan Ross School Fall 2017 MBA Application Deadlines

Ross School2

The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business has announced the application deadlines for the 2016-2017 MBA admissions season. They are as follows:

Round 1

Application due: October 3, 2016
Decision released: December 16, 2016

Round 2

Application due: January 2, 2017
Decision released: March 17, 2017

Round 3

Application due: March 20, 2017
Decision released: May 12, 2017

All applications are due by 11:59 EST on the day of the deadline in order to be considered within that round. International applicants are encouraged to apply in rounds one or two to provide enough time for visa processing.

For more information, please visit the Michigan Ross MBA admissions website.

Image credit: Ross School of Business (CC BY-NC 2.0)



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