B-Schooled Podcast Episode #131: MBA Career Goal Mad Libs

You may remember Mad Libs from childhood, the absurd word game where you fill in the blanks to make an entertaining story. But don’t let the playful title of this podcast fool you—the content we discuss today is anything but silly. We’re using the Mad Libs concept as a powerful FRAMEWORK to help you think about how best to articulate your short and short- and long-term career goals in specific, authentic, bold, and realistic ways.

If you have ever been intimidated about fleshing out your short and long-term career goals, this episode is for you! This B-Schooled episode can be found here, or take a listen on any of the major podcast platforms below.

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Meet Anthony, who served as the Associate Director of MBA Admissions at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he dedicated over 10 years of expertise.

Meet Andrea, who served as the Associate Director of MBA Admissions Marketing at Harvard Business School (HBS) for over five years.

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