Business School Benefits Don’t End at Graduation

Being a student at business school marks only the beginning of your MBA benefits. As an alum, you will have access to numerous educational, professional, service, and social oppportunities.

Kellogg created a new executive education initiative exclusively for alumni. The Kellogg New Directions in Management is a two-day program that brings alumni and faculty together for an in depth exploration of a single managerial topic. This year’s session is “Maximizing Individual Impact in Organizations”.

Every business school features extensive alumni career services. Columbia, for example, has an online resource center with job searching, an e-newsletter, counseling and coaching, access to larger career counseling networks, and resources for alums looking to return to the workforce or explore work-life balance.

Stanford alumni can join the Alumni Consulting Team and partner with other alumni to help non-profits such as the Red Cross or Oakland Unified School District.

Of course, the good times of business school continue with alumni social events. Tuck has upcoming events in Portland, Nantucket, London, and Vail. Haas alums will be gathering everywhere from LA to Singapore to New England.

Business school is definitely more than a two year endeavor.

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