GMAT Hacks: Time Management & GMAT Practice Problems

If you’re just starting out and not very comfortable with the underlying math, you don’t need to time yourself on every question. Yet. But under any other circumstances, you should be aiming for 2-2.5 minutes on every single practice problem you do. If you can’t do it, work on the problem, review the explanation, go over it with a tutor”“whatever you need to do”“until you can.

Eventually, you’ll get 120 seconds ingrained in your head. The two minutes that used to fly by will stretch out a little longer for you, and completing each problem in that amount of time will come much more naturally.

Just as important, you’ll learn to recognize problems”“immediately, not after you’ve worked on them for 3 minutes”“that you won’t be able to finish in the allotted time. On test day, that skill is as valuable as any other time-management technique, because you need to skip those questions.

This is an excerpt from a longer article by Jeff Sackmann, originally published at GMAT Hacks.  Jeff has created several valuable GMAT-preparation resources, including Total GMAT Math and Total GMAT Verbal.

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