In Business School, One Size Does Not Fit All

Poets & Quants recently  published an excellent, in-depth article to help applicants figure out if your target b-schools really ‘fit’ you. There are so many factors that go into determining fit, and many b-school hopefuls focus heavily on rankings and prestige over finding an MBA program where they will truly be able to thrive.

Editor John A Byrne takes a look at class size, and how a large or small class can affect both your relationships during school and your alumni network. He also shares which schools are known for having collaborative or competitive cultures. Learning styles, cost of living, caliber of professors and geographic and weather considerations should also be weighed when making this expensive, life-changing decision.

For some applicants, there may be a clear winner after looking at the quantitative and qualitative data. Or, after researching all of these elements, you may still feel pulled in different directions. But at least you have a head start in finding the program(s) that fit you best.

Read the full story now on Poets & Quants.

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