GMAT Hacks: Will You Ever Feel Ready to Take the GMAT?

Quite often, the last time I meet with a student, often a couple of days before their GMAT test date, they tell that they don’t “feel” ready for the exam. In some cases, they’ve been studying hard for months; how can it be that after all that time, they don’t feel fully prepared?

The truth is, very few people very feel truly ready to take the GMAT. You probably won’t either. Waiting until you feel ready is just asking to burn out, and it’s probably not an efficient use of your time.

So what can you do? Follow the link below to find out more…

This is an excerpt from a longer article by Jeff Sackmann, originally published at GMAT Hacks.  Jeff has created several valuable GMAT-preparation resources, including Total GMAT Math and Total GMAT Verbal.

Interested in reading more? Click HERE to see more test prep advice.

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