GMAT Tip: Reading Science Passages

This is an excerpt from a longer article by Jeff Sackmann, originally published at Jeff has created several valuable GMAT-preparation resources, including Total GMAT Math and Total GMAT Verbal.

The more difficult the details of a Reading Comprehension passage, the less time you should spend on them. If you don’t grasp the idea by the second reading or so, you’re not going to grasp it in another two passes. Better to make sure you understand the structure of the passage and return to the difficult sections if and only if a question forces you to.

This isn’t the SAT–you can’t read the questions before you read the passage–but a similar principle applies: if the GMAT doesn’t ask you about it, it doesn’t matter. Don’t sweat the details until you need to. Often, by the time you’re asked, you won’t see the need to sweat at all. It’s a matter of matching keywords to their context, regardless of their content.

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