Haas’ Top Ten List For Part-Time MBA Students

Who doesn’t love a Top Ten List? They’re Short. Easy to Digest. Informative. Fun. On that note, take a look at this top ten list for incoming students posted recently by Tony on the Berkeley MBA Evening and Weekend blog at Haas School of Business.

We’ve condensed his advice here, so click on the link for the complete scoop.

  1. Accept your offer. If you haven’t accepted the offer yet, what are you waiting for?!
  2. Keep up with your school emails. They are few and far in between, but each provides critical To Do lists before classes begin.
  3. Consider testing out of core classes. If you feel you don’t need one of the core classes that you are able to test out of, and there are other classes of more interest to you, do consider the option.
  4. Take care of those pesky math and statistics requirements. It’s best to take care of this sooner rather than later.
  5. Outline your finances. Tuition is expensive. At the new rate of $2,387, you’re going to be writing checks for $19K when July and December roll around. That’s a hefty chunk of change, one that really puts a dent into any pocketbook.
  6. Sign up for financial aid. Consider taking advantage of student loans, if only to accept the subsidized version.
  7. Prepare your work-place for your new commitment to school. It will be the rare employer that will not accommodate your decision to pursue an MBA. However, part-time school is a massive commitment, and everyone should be on the same page responsibility-wise.
  8. Clear your Saturdays for the fall semester, and not just because it’s football season. Many classes hold very helpful Saturday study sessions, others require group work in which you will need to meet in-person. Pretty much assume that you’ll need to be on-campus at least a few Saturdays a month.
  9. Prepare your family and friends. Full time work and part-time school is a massive time-commitment. For your family, it will require an understanding that you will not be as available as you once were.
  10. Go on a vacation. Who knows when you’ll have the chance to do so again!

As you can see, there’s a lot to before the fall program kicks off. So get busy, but remember to enjoy the rest of your summer!

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