Harvard Business School 2015 Commencement Highlights

Harvard Business School held its 105th Commencement exercises last Thursday, and we wanted to share a video of the event so that it may motivate many of you only just beginning your journey toward business school over these next few months.

In his remarks to graduates (seen in the video below), Dean Nitin Nohria spoke about the three Ps—purpose, perseverance, and perspective—and how these characteristics will play a vital role in the 2015 MBA graduates’ careers and lives after HBS.

It’s easy to sustain energy and enthusiasm for your work, says Nohria, when you have a powerful belief in the good that you’re doing, and the knowledge that your work has a greater purpose. Business can be a powerful force for good in society, and you’ll always learn something by standing in another place with another view.

“We encourage you to continue to pursue work with a purpose, to draw on perseverance in the face of challenges, and to seek perspective when making and reflecting on the decisions that lie ahead,” Nohria said in closing his address. “Be assured that the faculty will be rooting for you to become leaders who will make a difference in the world and in the lives of all you touch.”

Harvard Business School’s 2015 graduates say their MBA experience has taught them to think bigger, lead through their values, and have a better sense of self. We hope this brief glimpse has inspired our readers to strive for those same life lessons, wherever your MBA plans lead you.


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