How to Make the Most of Your First Year of B-School

first year of business schoolAre you hoping to head to b-school next fall? It’s never to early to learn from students who are currently where you want to be. This past year, Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management has published the viewpoints of now second-year student Rohan Rajiv as he shares the lessons learned at Kellogg that he considers most relevant to MBA applicants.

His latest post is extensive, and full of helpful tips on how to make the most of your first year in an MBA program. No matter whether Kellogg is on your short list or not, his experiences and feedback can help orient you during that first hectic year.

Rajiv covers several areas, from academics to career, to extracurriculars and social and family priorities. While veryone will have different priorities while at business school, his post is illuminating for its thorough examination of these often-competing aspects of the MBA experience.

Take a look, and do explore the links to some of the other subjects Rajiv has addressed this year. There’s sure to be something within that will be applicable to your MBA journey as well.

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