How to Squeeze Everything into Just a Few Short Essays

Happy September, Everyone!

I must admit, I always feel a bit teary-eyed after Labor Day, not quite sure how summer whizzed by so fast.   I guess it’s still that schoolgirl in me who knows this is the beginning of school.  It’s time to get serious, buckle down and work!

Right about now, your path to b-school probably feels somewhat overwhelming.  Right?  You’ve got multiple applications. That means letters, interviews and most importantly, essays.


With regards to essays, a popular question I get asked is: “How do I know which extra-curriculars to include in the essays and what to leave out?”

Simply put, does the admissions committee need to know everything about you?

Yes. And no.

First, think about what kind of person business school is looking for.


Business Schools are looking for specialists.   They are not looking for generalists who are sort of good at a lot of things.

Business schools want to fill their classes with students who will, after school, not only get hired, but also eventually run the firm.  You need to be able to show you have the passion, drive and commitment to someday be a business leader.

That means showing the admissions committee you are focused and passionate.

So should you tell them everything you’ve ever done outside of school? Sure, if you were exceptional at everything you’ve done.

But while most of us are exceptional, not everything we’ve done has been.

To get the full scoop on what to include in your essay, take a look at my latest Tuesday Tip Video:  How to Squeeze Everything Into A Few Short Essay Questions.

Are you struggling with what to omit and what to include?  Leave a comment below and share your dilemma – we can help.

Now, have fun writing.

Until next time,

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