INSEAD Releases Deadlines for September 2014 Intake

INSEAD deadlines

INSEAD has posted the deadlines for the September 2014 intake. The three deadlines are:

Round 1
Deadline: October 2, 2013
Interview Decision Notification: November 8, 2013
Final Decision Notification: December 20, 2013

Round 2
Deadline: November 27, 2013
Interview Decision Notification: January 10, 2014
Final Decision Notification: February 21, 2014

Round 3
Deadline: March 5, 2014
Interview Decision Notification: April 11, 2014
Final Decision Notification: May 23, 2014

Applicants should note that competition for each round is relatively equal regardless of the intake or round you apply for. INSEAD reviews the pool of applications submitted within each round independently, keeping the “offer ratio” (percentage of candidates accepted vs. applications received) fairly constant across all rounds.

All applications must be submitted by midnight Central European Time on the day of the deadline.

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