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Ready for your MBA? Meet TOP Business Schools at The MBA Tour event near you!

More than just a fair, The MBA Tour events offer unique formats to explore MBA programs and to help you discover your ideal school.

Before attending an event, start your MBA search by learning your top program preferences and finding your ideal business school with MBA Spotlight Survey!

Survey Benefits:

  • Survey results reveal your top 5 most IMPORTANT PREFERENCES when choosing a business school
  • Before your event you receive ALERT MESSAGES from business schools that MATCH your preferences
  • At your event you attend a SPECIAL SESSION to meet your matches (exclusively for survey takers)
  • FREE ADMISSION to event!

You can take the survey once you register for an event.

At the event, you will participate in unique event formats that help answer your MBA questions and connect you with business schools.

Unique Event Formats & Features!

MBA Panel Presentations: Cover all your basic MBA application questions before speaking one-on-one with reps.

Individual School Presentations: Admissions directors give 30 to 40 minute presentations. Learn a lot in little time!

Open Fair: Meet one-on-one with admission directors and alumni.

Find Ideal Business School: Take the MBA Spotlight Survey, to reveal your most important preferences when choosing an MBA.

Great opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals!

REGISTRATION FEES: $5 if you pre-register online; $10 at the event”“CASH ONLY. Space is limited, so register soon!

All registration proceeds will be committed to The MBA Tour Scholarship Fund.

USA September Event Schedule:

(view full schedule & register at:

Boston Saturday, Sept. 11

Washington DC Sunday, Sept. 12

Chicago Tuesday, Sept. 14

New York Sunday, Sept. 19

New York, All European MBAs* Monday, Sept. 20

Atlanta Thursday, Sept. 23

Los Angeles Saturday, Sept. 25

San Francisco Sunday, Sept. 26


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