Michigan MBA Director Provides R3 Update, Word of Caution

Soojin Kwon Koh, director of admissions at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, updated the MBA admissions blog Friday with the news that round three decisions were released earlier in the week and the waitlist has seen some activity–both with admits and denies.

“We will likely make additional admissions offers after the Round 3 enrollment decision of June 1,” says Soojin, and the admissions team plans to be done with the waitlist by the end of June. As is the case at all top programs, the goal is to create the best possible class, and Soojin says that Ross School of Business has several rounds of independent reviews of each file to ensure that happens.

Landing, or remaining, on the waitlist at your favored program is stressful for most people, but the director cautions applicants not to let stress cloud their judgement of what is appropriate behavior in that situation.

“Over the last few months, I have received notes from applicants (in various stages of the admissions process) that were rather inappropriate in their tone,” says Soojin. “I understand that they were probably written from a place of very strong emotions. But they didn’t reflect well on the candidates’ judgment, maturity, poise, professionalism, and resilience – all things that we value highly.”

Don’t think if you simply make nice with the admissions staff you’re golden. Every personal interaction plays a part in admissions decisions, from the way an applicant treats the receptionist to communications with members of the greater Ross community, the director explains.

Consider waiting a day or two before sending off any missives that may come off as aggressive or inappropriate if written when emotions ran high. If the recipient will see anything less than your best self in the note or application, Soojin urges applicants to cool off or revise until it does.


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