Ross School Adds New Concentration in Data and Business Analytics

Business AnalyticsWe live in an era where analytics can make or break a company’s success, and employers need workers who understand and can manage one of today’s most important business issues.

Prospective MBA students looking to really hone their skills to develop data-driven business strategies should know that the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business has just announced a new concentration in this area for the full-time MBA program.

Beginning in fall 2018, the Data and Business Analytics Concentration will launch under the leadership of Brad Killaly, associate dean of full-time and global MBA programs.  The FTMBA program began developing this concentration in 2017, spurred by feedback from students wanting a more specialized concentration focusing on big data.

“We’ve developed the Data and Business Analytics Concentration to meet the needs of today’s MBA student as well as today’s evolving business world,” says Killaly. “As students continue to seek careers in data-intensive industries, such as consulting and technology, Michigan Ross will offer the necessary business acumen that students can utilize to give themselves a competitive edge.”

Andrew Crisp, co-founder of education consultancy CarringtonCrisp, recently explained in the Financial Times (“Data science is the big draw in business schools”that demand for big data courses is driven by an increase in lucrative job opportunities advertised for people with such qualifications.

This new, sharper focus on analytics will train Ross students in rigorous thinking and decision-making based on large data sets, rather than the isolated scenarios students might encounter in a typical case study.

Students in the concentration will take courses from an array of options that include big data management, marketing research, marketing engineering, advanced big data analysis, data mining, digital marketing, mobile innovation development, and information econometrics.

“We are excited to introduce the new data and business analytics concentration to the Michigan Ross FTMBA Program,” says Heather Byrne, Director of the Michigan Ross Career Development Office.

“Companies want individuals who can lead their organizations using data and thinking analytically. Our goal is to prepare students to explore career options in which they can apply these skills, and help companies source exceptionally-qualified talent.”

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